Gift a test

This test tries to analyse a student’s personality in relation to home, health, socialising and emotional framework. The idea is to probe how close or far a child is to an ideal state of positive, well-adjusted, holistic and happy personality. The test also tries to find if the child requires help dealing with common issues such as stress, anxiety, frustration etc. Duration: 45 mins
₹ 79/-
This fun and interesting test tries to analyse a student’s problem-solving ability using pictorial or non-verbal cues. The test requires no prior preparation and the results are indicative of skills related to complex problem-solving and abstract thinking. In some cases, the results may also reveal strengths in relation to future choice of academic streams. Duration: 35 mins
₹ 79/-
Ideal for students in Senior school (class 8 & above), this test tries to analyse in greater detail a child’s attitude towards studying and learning in general, including aspects related to discipline, reading & comprehension and concentration levels. Compared to the Learning (Basic) test, this test contains more questions and it also takes longer to finish. Duration: 35 mins
₹ 59/-
Total :   0/-