About Us

The idea for MarkMyStrength came about during the current novel coronavirus forced lockdown.

As a parent, I’ve often wondered what characterises my children. What their strengths and weaknesses are, and if there is a scientific way of determining these. Like some kind of research into the insides of their brain.

Well, it seems such tools and techniques have been around for a great while. These are called psychometric tests and use a set of questions to reveal insights into anyone’s minds really. We picked up a few tests that are specifically meant for children, students in mid-school or senior school.

Most of the tests we came across on the Internet were either too expensive, or free but lacking in sharp and personalised reporting. MarkMyStrength is an attempt to bridge that gap. In its beta form, we are starting out with 4 tests, specifically for school students.

The tests are brief. Aside from the one on Problem Solving, none of the tests have right or wrong answers. The more honest children are in answering the questions, the more accurate the insights. We hope you find the reports useful.

By the way, tests are free to try and take. You only pay for the reports.